Sunday, August 21, 2011

...on strep

Remember the other day when I posted that Jack was still sleeping?  Well, now I know why-poor little baby has strep!  He woke up with a fever on Friday but I figured it was because he is getting three teeth all at once.  The fever was about 101.5 so I assumed he was fine and it seemed to be kind of under control with medicine.  The next day the fever was down in the morning (about 100) but then it went up to 102.8 but down to 101 with medicine.  Adam and I went back and forth about whether or not we should take him in but the mommy in me said yes, better safe than sorry.  This is HUGE for me, I'm not really a doctor or medicine person which is something I kind of worried about as far as being a mom is concerned.  It's one thing for me to suck it up and not go to the doctor or take meds but it's quite another for my 9 month old little boy.  His body is so tiny!  Anyways, we went to the doctor and his ears looked clear, his chest sounded good, so they did a strep test and it was positive!  This is what it looks like in our house when our little guys is sick.

 It is 3:00 on Sunday and we are all still in our pi's.  Jack has napped for almost 6 hours today (total) and is very snuggly.  Despite being sick, he is still trying to crawl around and play-when he is awake.  He's one tough baby.  

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