Monday, August 1, 2011

...on target and dwight

Ah, Target.  It truly is a magical place.  They have cute clothes, pretty good sales, STARBUCKS, and now, food!  It's like the stay at home mom's best friend.  Am I right, Ladies??  Today, for example, I just really wanted to get out of the house.  Jack and I cruised on over to Target, grabbed a few items, and a coffee (of course) then headed back home.  Sometimes even a thirty minute outing can help restore my sanity if I feel cooped up in the house.  Maybe they should consider adding a play area?  Hmm??  You know, like some malls have?  Could be a good idea!

Ok, so we have finished our shopping at Target and I'm standing in line to get my coffee.  I see this man out of the corner of my eye and think, "hmmm, where do I know him from?"  Then it hits me!  Dwight Schrute!!!  This guy looks IDENTICAL to Dwight Schrute!  The stinky thing was that no one was with me!  I kind of wanted to turn to someone around me and be like, "hey, do you watch the office?  He looks just like Dwight, right?!"  But, alas, no one was around me!  Then I thought, "I HAVE to get a picture" but how awkward is that.  There is no discreet way to take a picture of someone less than five feet away from you and I can't exactly say, "hey, has anyone every told you that you look exactly like Dwight Schrute from the office?"  Because, honestly, that could potentially be really insulting, right?  I mean, Rainn Wilson is pretty handsome but his character as Dwight....mmmm, not so much.  I hope that someone I know was at Target today and saw this guy too.

(have I already done a post on Target?  I feel like I have..)

Happy Monday!

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