Monday, October 24, 2011

...on the laundry room

The new and improved laundry room, that is!  If you ask my husband or even my mom they will tell you that I am not the most organized or tidy person in the world.  I have come a long way over the years and have grown to dislike clutter and mess.  So, in an attempt to be more organized and STAY organized, I am making an effort to clear out and organize things one room at a time.  My first room to tackle was the laundry room.  I think this was a wise choice because it is a tiny room and, therefore, a quick job!  I got most of it done last week but there were still a few finishing touches to add on that I finally got done today. I went to tj maxx in search of a mail caddy thing to help me organize my mail.  All of the ones I found were really ugly and around $10-15!  That may not sound like much to some people but I'm fairly frugal (and fighting crossing the line into cheap!) and could not bring myself to spend that much.  I cruised down the clearance aisle one more time and found this little treasure.

On clearance for $4.99!  So the price was right but two things were wrong...the pink floral pattern didn't really do it for me and it was kind of broken in the back (still functional but broken).  I took it up to the register and they gave it to me for $4.00 instead.  Honestly, the cheap person in me still didn't want to pay that much but then I thought, "come on Jess, that's LESS than you pay for coffee and it serves a purpose."  On the way home I kept on thinking of what I could do about the pink flowers then I remembered a fabric I had bought last time I was in Phoenix that would be PERFECT for a little DIY action.  In about 30 minutes, with a little modge podge and fabric I was able to say bye-bye to pink and frilly and hello to this!

Ahhh, much better.  So, with the finishing touch in place, here is my finished laundry room!

Ok, so I really didn't have to do much in here to get it organized but I did tackle our biggest issue with the blue baskets.  We (mainly I) have this really bad habit of just piling things up on top of the washer and dryer which makes this tiny room seem really claustrophobic.  No good.  I found these storage bins at Target and could not resist the color.  The baskets and labels were inspiration from pinterest.  My day gets a little happier every time I walk by my laundry room.  I kind of just want to stand in it all day long because it is probably the most organized place in the house.  Again, I'm so glad I did this small room first because now I have hope that everything else can be organized, too! 

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