Friday, October 28, 2011

...on feeling "floofy"

Both yesterday and today I woke up in kind of a funk with a tiny bit of a grumpy attitude.  In the Baca household we refer to this type of mood as feeling "floofy".  Here it is in a sentence.  "I'm feeling floofy today."  Or.  "I'm sorry that you are feeling floofed.".  So there you have it.  Floofy.  OK, so to fight the floof, today I decided that Jack and I had to get out of the house for a little while.  We went to the aquarium to see the fishes but getting there was no easy task.  We headed out a little later than I would have liked and I needed to stop by the store to get some bananas before we made our way down to the biopark.  So bananas were purchased and then I realized that I forgot my pass at home.  I drove back home and got the pass then right as I got on the freeway I realized that the stroller was not in my car (nor was any other type of baby carrying equipment).  I just kept driving.  The aquarium here isn't too big and I figured we wouldn't be gone that long anyway.  It was one of those times when you think, "maybe I'm just not meant to do this today."  Well, we did it anyways and I'm so glad we did!  Jack had so much fun giggling at the fish and watching them swim by.  It wasn't very crowded today so there weren't too many people giving me crazy looks and I jabbered away to Jackson about all the fish.

We stopped by Starbucks on our way home so Jackson could eat lunch..but I got a coffee too.  He looks like a little toddler in this picture.  Like a handsome little toddler.  

It felt great to get out for a little bit.  It definitely helped in the de-floofification process!


Almost exactly one year ago today I was in parent/teacher conferences when I got three phone calls from my doctor telling me that I needed to be at the hospital at 2:30 to get a steroid shot because there was a good chance that Jackson would come in the next 2 weeks.  He came exactly two weeks later.  I left work around 2:00 that day and never went back.  (Thanks Miyuki for covering for me that day...and all the days after!!)

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