Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Lately, I have been spending most of my sewing time finishing up projects like this one....

still need to add a waistband and stitch on the tie but I think you get the picture

You see, my mom has a craft show coming up at the end of the month and she has been gracious enough to try and sell my outfits for me!  I'm pretty excited about it but also a little bit nervous.  I hope that they sell.  I know that it is nothing against me personally if they don't but I am a sensitive soul and I might start crying if people don't like them.  Not really, but I would be bummed!  If they sell well at the show then that should give me a good indication of how they might do on oh, say, an etsy shop?   

Yesterday was a very funny day in our house.  Lots of funny things going on like this..

Jack climbed in here while I was getting ready.  I heard him crying and naturally, I did what any good mother would do-got the camera!  I mean, really, you can not miss a photo opportunity like that!  Priceless!  I snapped my picture and then helped him out of the cabinet, poor kid.  I think Jack's new favorite game is "let's see how small of a space you can get stuck in" because things like this (the picture above) have been happening a lot lately.  

The photos below were taken after our walk yesterday afternoon.  Chloe was about to die because she is so out of shape (poor baby! and bad parents!) and was trying to cool off on the tile.  Jack took full advantage of her exhaustion and would not stop touching her face.  Finally, he decided that he needed to lay down just like chloe.  It was all pretty comical if you ask me.  Oh, my babies.

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