Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On Sunday evening we attempted to have a family birthday party for Jackson.  We wanted to be able to celebrate with Adam's sister and her family since they won't be back in town for Jack's actual birthday.  You would never know that Jackson took a good nap on Sunday because he was terribly cranky sunday night.  He went to bed with no presents and no cake-his choice.  He was so tired that he totally pooped out before we could do any celebrating!  So last night we decided to give Jackson his presents and here's how it went.

Jackson's favorite presents were the book from Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave (especially the paper ribbons on the wrapping) and the ball!  Who cares about the basketball hoop when there is a ball!!  This kid LOVES balls...loves them.  He was very reluctant to let go of the ball through the hoop when Adam was holding him up to the basket.

Remember yesterday how I said I was really wanting to organize?  Well, I did!  Yesterday I decided to tackle my laundry room and it looks fantastic!!  I'm so excited and I really hope it all stays organized.  I have a few more finishing touches and then I'll share my finished room!  Not to worry, I didn't take any before pictures because that's just how I roll.

Crossfit Mom Update:  Whew, it's been a while, huh?  Here's a helpful note for you.  It is not the best idea in the world to go to La Cumbre and drink a beer then order a burger and fried pickles from the burger cart the night before a 6:00am workout.  Not the worst Idea, but not the best either.  Just sayin'.  I have some thoughts on food mulling around in my little brain and I'm thinking about sharing sometime soon...get excited.

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