Friday, June 15, 2012


Well, I said that I would try to update as I could throughout this race so here it goes!  My info is coming from Rob (their fabulous support crew) who is posting to FB and Twitter but I'll to my best to summarize everything on here.

Ok, so far they have done a swim test and a culvert test to see if they could fit.  They had to clean up a junk pile, chop a bunch of wood, and sew their numbers onto their shirts.  I think then they chopped more wood, carried kayaks and pipes to a pond and last I heard they were headed off on a 20 mile hike in teams with a kayak overhead.  Sounds awesome if you ask me.

I'm pretty much just summing up what Rob is posting on FB and Twitter so If you are really interested then go ahead and follow him on twitter.  @RogueClimber  On that note, I just signed up for twitter to follow him.  It's a totally foreign thing to me but I'm getting my updates so I don't really care!

I sure don't know how Adam and the guys are feeling but I have been GLUED to my computer ever since this thing started.  I feel like I am watching a high speed chase on TV and I just can't wait to see how it turns out!

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