Tuesday, June 5, 2012

...on the race

The death race, that is.  Some of you probably know that Adam and some of his friends have been training for this race over the last year.  It's kind of a big deal.  You can read more about it HERE.  Here is a little glimpse into the insanity of the race.  In order to participate, you have to get an article published in a local publication.  If you don't get an article published you are awarded a penalty before even starting the race-a 12 mile swim.  Translated:  If you don't get an article published you may as well just stay home.

So, HERE is the article that our boys got published.

I'm not going to lie-I'm pretty proud.  Adam has worked so hard and has pushed himself beyond what he ever thought he could do and he's done a pretty great job.

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  1. I found this on their website when I looked up the race:
    "The Spartan Death Race is designed to present you with the totally unexpected, and the totally insane! Traditional physical challenges will make giving birth look like a walk in the park."

    I guess, it is Adam's turn to feel some pain before YOU give birth to #2! :)