Sunday, June 17, 2012


And it's over....not officially, of course, but for my outdoorsman-it is done.  The thing I love about this guy is that he started training for this race about a year ago...maybe not quite, and pretty much kicked the race's you-know-what until his knee pooped out.

I talked to Adam a couple of times today.  The first time was right after he finished and i'm not going to lie to you-he was not a happy camper.  It's one thing to quit the race because you are tired or cold or whatever, but it's quite another when you physically can not go any more because you are unable to walk.  My take on it, of course, was that he had just completed 48 hours of pushing his physical and mental limits with no sleep and (I think) little food.  Needless to say, I was and am immensely proud of him.  Fast forward a couple of hours and I get another phone call from Adam.  Man, I tell you what, it's amazing what a nice shower, a little food, and some clean, dry clothes can do for a guy.  He sounded pretty good and it was so nice to talk to him after three days!!

For those of you wondering about his knee...all I know is that it is swollen and pretty sore.  He said that if he had continued on it probably would have ended up injured but as of now he thinks it is just in need of some rest and a little TLC.   Again, proud of him for knowing when to say when.

I'm reserving my opinion of the race as a whole until it is officially over.  I know the theme this year was "Betrayal" but...well, like I said...I'll wait till it's all over.

Adam and the guys get back tomorrow night so I'll either post more then or I'll have him post on here what his experience of the race was.  I'm anxious to hear it, myself!  Thanks for all your support!  I know that Adam really appreciates it!

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