Tuesday, September 13, 2011

...on dirt and nesting

The mornings here have been so nice lately that I have been leaving the back door open.  Every morning, Jack crawls on over to the door and tries his hardest to get down the step but usually ends up sitting at the doorway staring longingly at the backyard.  This morning I put a blanket outside and Jack's fire truck thinking that he might like to play with his toys outside instead of inside.  Well, I was right about the outside thing but he was not to happy to simply sit on the blanket and play with his toys.  He decided to go straight for the rocks.  At first I kind of cringed and tried to keep him on the blanket but then I just gave up. He LOVED playing with the rocks and crawling around outside.  Now he is completely filthy which I'm finding is kind of a trend with our little guy.  I can not wait until we can landscape our backyard and get rid of all the rocks!  I do NOT miss our old house but it sure would be nice to have some grass!

Has anyone else continued nesting well after their pregnancy was over?  Because I'm pretty sure I still am.  I know I have said it before but I just can't stop rearranging things in the house and wanting to decorate everything!  The problem with that is a lot of times "nesting" translates into shopping which requires money-which is fine except that when you stay home and no longer have an income, it's not as easy to just go out and spend money.  I suppose that is where the new DIY trend comes from, right?  My latest "nesting" project is decorating over our dresser.  Right now we have nothing over it, no mirror or anything.  Not to worry-there is a plan in the works!!  Pictures to come soon!

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