Friday, September 9, 2011

...on friday randoms

Getting excited for Jack's birthday!  I have a THEME which I am quite excited about....more on that later.  This afternoon, Jack is at his Hammy's house and I am home alone.  I'm looking forward to getting some sewing done and then maybe getting to work on some bunting for Jack's party.  I just warmed up my coffee from yesterday and thought I'd write a quick blog post before I get cracking on everything!  The weather here is beautiful today and it makes me so excited for fall!  Balloon fiesta, Jack's birthday, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas!  I am currently sitting in my little sewing room with the window wide open.  I've got my "morning drive 2" playlist jamming in the background (from my last drive to PHX) which is a smattering of worship songs that are great to sing along to-of course!  My sweet little dog, Chloe, is here barking at the people talking outside-I forgot to take her to Hammy's house...poor thing.  It's amazing how your focus shifts from your pet to your child.  I remember in one of the pregnancy books I read it said something like, "you might want to start spending less time with your dog so that they get used to not getting as much attention".  I remember thinking, "man, how sad!"  But now I see that, while sad, that was actually pretty good advice.  Oh well, at least today Chloe will get some quality time with her mama.  Ok, enough rambling....I'm off to sew!  Have a great afternoon!

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