Sunday, September 11, 2011

...on sweet mornings

This morning Jackson woke up at 6:30-a little early for my taste.  I put him in bed with us hoping he would fall back asleep but all he wanted to do was talk and play. we are...Jackson is roaming around the living room-livin' up to his new nick name "the wanderer" and talking up a storm.  I am drinking my leftover coffee from our walk to Starbucks yesterday-love when that happens!  I must say, not a bad morning so far.  

Yesterday was mandatory "family day" in the Baca house.  We have been so busy lately with random tasks and things that I decided we needed to have a family day-just the four of us.  In the morning, we took a walk to Starbucks (chloe came too!) and had so much fun!  It was pretty overcast and almost cold!  Right as we got there it started to rain so I parked Jack, Chloe, and I under an umbrella outside and Adam went to order our drinks.  We sat under the umbrella and waited out the rain (about 10 minutes) but it was so nice.  Such a fun memory!  We did a few other things but mostly just spent time as a family.  I did have Adam do some family shots of us so we'll see how those turned out!  Seriously, such a great day with our little family Mandatory family day=Success!!

Pretty soon we'll start getting ready for Church and Jack will go to the nursery for the first time-at 10 months old.  I'd say it's probably about that time.  Hopefully he won't have too much separation/stranger anxiety this morning. 

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