Sunday, September 25, 2011

...on our little get away

Every year, usually around May, Adam and I drive up to Jackson Hole for a week of vacation.  We spend the week eating, sleeping, photographing, hiking, talking, and relaxing.  This year, we decided to be responsible adults and save some money by not making the trip up to JH.  Adam has been working so hard (CPA by day and master photographer by night) at his job(s) that we decided it was time to take a little getaway.  We wanted to do something quick, close by, and low key so we decided to head up to Taos for the weekend.  We wanted to go for a short-ish hike on Saturday so we headed off on a trail from the ski valley to William's Lake.  Once we got there we decided that we weren't quite ready to be finished so we just kept on going.  We kept on going all the way to the top of a little mountain called Wheeler Peak-the highest peak in New Mexico.  Our short-ish hiked turned into a 5 1/2 hour, 15 mile hike up a mountain.  Good, good times.  Needless to say we were both completely exhausted by the time we got home and also fairly sore.  Here are some photos from the day.

This weekend getaway was so nice.  It was nothing fancy but It was great to have some time to getaway just the two of us.  Did I mention Jack stayed with his Hammy and Papa?  Seriously, if you have babies and you haven't gotten away just the two of you in a while, I would highly recommend it.  Adam and I really don't want to be those people who only talk about their kids and then once the kids are gone they have nothing to talk about.  I am convinced that making time for each other plays a huge role in not becoming those people.

Ok-enough of that...let's move on to this...

This is Jack in Chloe's bed with a lot of shoes, right?  I'm not sure what he was after but that's really not the point here.  Ever since Chloe was a little puppy she has had something you might call a shoe fetish.  It's not that she eats shoes-nope, she's never eaten a shoe.  Once Adam and I leave the house, she picks up one shoe (from somewhere in the house) and drags it to her bed.  On this day, we happened to have a lot of shoes out because we were packing for our trip.  I mean, does anyone else's dog do this?

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