Thursday, September 8, 2011

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It's that time again!  I have a few projects in the works (nothin' fancy) but today I thought I'd show you all where all the magic happens....our guest room/sewing room.  Remember a few months ago I said that we rearranged the furniture in the guest room in order to make room for some sewing goodies?  Well, here is my new sewing space...

This is my little sewing nook.  I love it, it's actually quite cozy.  Sometimes I bring my computer in and put on a movie while I work and sometimes music.  Sometimes Jackson comes in and plays while I sew.  Now I can leave my projects out until they are finished without the entire living room looking like JoAnn's exploded in house!

This table belonged to my great Aunt and I absolutely love it.  It spent a few short, sad months in storage when we moved into our new house because there was not a place for it.  Now, not only is there a place for it but it is extremely useful!

This is the stack of fabric that is just a-waitin' to be made into something fantastic.  I'd say I'm all set on fabric for quite a while.

And finally, an overview of the entire room.  There you have it!  My little space!  

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