Monday, September 12, 2011

...on ten months

I. can. not. believe. it.  TEN months old.  Seriously?  The year is flying by.  Before we know it, Jack is going to be one year old and walking and talking.  Until then-he is my ten month old BABY.  Here are a few photos from this morning.

This last one is my favorite.  The look is a result of multiple things including me acting like a crazy person in order to get him to smile and the camera flashing in order to focus.  I can't believe we only have one more monthly photo shoot until he is one.  

I don't think there are even words to express how in love with this baby Adam and I are.  We just want to eat him up every day-all the time.  He's is such a goofball and is beginning to have a little bit of a temper, I mean, personality.  If you ask Adam, he'll tell you I'm crazy but I'm pretty sure Jack's on the verge of saying "banana".  We're pretty sure he said "mama' specifically to me the other day too!  We also think he is the cutest and smartest baby on the planet so, there you go.  

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  1. Ah! He has the cutest smile and I love his two little teeth. Happy 10 months Jack!