Tuesday, July 5, 2011

...on day one

And so it begins.  Today was the first day in my 30 day challenge.  So I know I have really stressed that this whole thing is about food but I think that I am wanting to make it more about discipline in general.  Simple things like getting up early to do my quiet time, keeping things organized, spending my time wisely, etc.  Kind of like an extreme makeover life edition!  Yeah, I like that.  Let's call it EMLE for short.  Ok.

So, EMLE day one.  How was it?  Not too bad, actually.  I do have some left over banana pudding in my fridge that I resisted all day long!  I wasn't really tempted to eat anything bad until this afternoon.  Let me paint you a little picture, mmmk?

Jack falls asleep in the car seat at 12:00 and doesn't wake up until 12:45-there is no way he will go down for a 1:00 nap.  1:30-I put jack down for his nap thinking that surely he will sleep, he was up three times last night, after all.  He finally falls asleep at 2:00.  2:30-Jack wakes up so I feed him a little and lay him back down asleep.  2:45-jack is awake again-poopy.  New diaper, mobile on, sleepy baby?  No.  3:00-jack is awake-poopy.  New diaper, mobile on, sleepy baby?  No.  3:20-Jack is awake-I decide to take him to the store.  Put him in the car seat-poopy.  New diaper and off to the store we go.  I'm not sure if you are keeping track but that is a lot of poopy diapers and not a whole lot of sleep!  Temptation #1:  a glass of wine.  Don't worry, I resisted!

Ok, on a completely different note...check out this precious little bundle of cuteness...

The little man tried out his pool for the first time today!  It was a big hit!  Ok, day two...here we go!

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