Wednesday, July 20, 2011

...on poop and ants

My sweet eight month old has decided that he is going to have one of his daily BMs at nap time.  This translates into 30 minute afternoon naps.  Bet you wanted to know that, huh?

Ok, so we have been having an ant problem in our house over the last month or so.  Just to clarify, bugs don't generally creep me out too much but there are two things I despise-fruit flies, and ants.  I had the pest control guy come out two weeks ago and he sprayed then gave me some poison traps for the ants.  Of course, they are made out of peanut butter which chloe has a super sniffer for!  She found those right away so they had to be put up out of her reach.  I hadn't noticed any ants since he came and was so glad to be rid of I thought.  Last night I started to run the bath water for Jack's bath and guess what was in the tub....ANTS!  What?!  He gets a bath every night so either I haven't noticed them and have been bathing my son in a tub full of ants (very unlikely) or these are new ants.  Needless to say, bath time last night was kind of a disaster.  Not wanting to call Preventive Pest Control again ( and spend another $75), I went and got one of the ant poison things.  I just went to check on the ant situation in the bathroom and wouldn't you know it-there are dead ant bodies everywhere!!  I was totally disgusted but also felt a little victorious!  I still wonder where on earth they are coming from and why they are here.  I mean, the other ants I can understand as they were mainly in the kitchen and after food, chloe's food (that dog is not exactly a dainty eater).  But ants in a bathroom?  Unless Jack or Adam is getting up at night snacking in the bath tub then I honestly have no idea why they are congregating in there.  Hopefully the problem is solved.

P.S.  Jack is STILL awake (I put him down a little after 1)  I bet he pooped again.
P.P.S  Life is pretty good when the things you worry about in a day are ants and poop, huh?  (That wasn't sarcasm)

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