Monday, July 25, 2011

...on fabulous fabrics

The last couple times I have visited Phoenix, I made it a point to visit SAS-the most fantastically ghetto fabulous fabric store you will ever see!  Ghetto because it is in a fairly sketchy part of town and is not exactly the most organized or luxurious store.  Fabulous because you can get fantastic designer fabrics for not that much.  I would equate it to the savers/marshalls/ross, of fabric stores.  Also known as Adam's worst nightmare but, of course, right up my alley!  I left Jack with Adam and dug through piles, and piles, and piles, of fabric!  It's seriously like a treasure hunt!  Here is what I came up with.

There were a bunch more that I wanted but I was really trying to find little boy fabric.  I will be going back to Phoenix in a couple of weeks so I figure I'll give it another go then!  Honestly, if you are at all into sewing (and don't mind digging around!) and are making a trip out to PHX, this place is a must go.  

In other exciting news, we are in the process of cramming a little sewing space into our guest room!  I'm so excited as my sewing space right now is our dining room table.  It's great because the table is large but a huge pain because, if my sewing stuff is out, our entire great room looks like a disaster.  We are not doing anything major or fancy, just moved the bed against the wall and will add a table.  I'll post some pictures once it's all finished.  

Also, I washed my hair with body wash this morning.  It was pretty awesome.  

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